76-year-old denied departure from AIA

Raphael Patterson a 76-year-old originally from Campden Park now a citizen of the twin island of Trinidad and Tobago has been denied his departure pending a case of damage to property which is said to have occurred on November 30th, 2017 at the Argyle International Airport.

Reports are that on the date in question Patterson who was vacationing here for two weeks went to the A.I.A to be flown back to Trinidad. Securities while making checks in his luggage discovered a bottle of Sun Set Strong Rum which is prohibited.

As a result, it is reported that Patterson along with a Security Officer took the rum to one of the toilets to dispose of it,  Patterson after emptying the content from the bottle went on to smash the face basin, causing damage estimated to approximately five hundred dollars.

When Patterson was escorted to the Kingstown Magistrate Court before Senior Magistrate Bertie Pompey he maintained his innocence with the legal representation from Lawyer Jomo Thomas.

 Prosecutor Shamrock Pierre did not object to his bail but asked that Patterson surrender his travel documents to the Court among other this. This was upheld by the Magistrate along with bail which was set in the sum of two thousand dollars with one surety.

He is expected to return to Court on December 8th, 2017 for his trial.

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