Amanda Mitchell Releases "The Woman at the Well"

CARRIACOU, Grenadine Islands – As Amanda Jack reflected on her journey from a lost young woman to a strong individual with purpose, she decided to share her personal discovery that God has a plan for her, and by extension all of his creations, that is better than anything one could imagine in “The Woman at the Well: God’s Better Plan” (published by WestBow Press).

“The effects of that meeting were felt not only in us but in those who come in contact with us. Immediately, they see that there is something different about us, and they want it too,” says Jack. “We are not to keep it to ourselves but do as the woman at the well did: pass on the joy, peace, wonder to as many as would listen to us, as many as would receive our testimony. The process of transformation within us is never-ending, and so is the process of transforming our communities.”

The book centers on the theme of spiritual transformation through salvation. Featuring anecdotes from her own life, Jack presents a theological treatise that prompts an honest look at how one comes to an intimate relationship with God. “The Woman in the Well” gives an answer to the existential question: “Why am I here?”

Jack adds, “The meeting at the well was indeed special; a special woman met a special Man at a special place at a special hour to change the world as she knew it. Won’t you get to your well, to your special meeting?”

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