Law Officers Bridging the Gap With Ottley Hall Youths through Sports

Law officers and members of various organizations are working together to change the face of the Ottley Hall community.

Sgt Jules  Morgan who currently works at the Ottley Hall substation along with his colleague Constable Cauldric “ Birdman” Williams is doing there part to encourage the new generation of kids that they can “ Beat the ball, beat the keeper, but don’t beat each other”.

Williams currently coaches a number of youths ages 12 to 20 almost daily,  in football, at the Ottley Playing Field.

Both officers will now take the there initiative to another level by holding a weekend game to foster better community relations.

This is where individuals from various organizations pitched in to make the event a success.

Organizations include GTC headed by Grant Connell, who will this Saturday take their “ Ball Revolution” to the community.

SVGFF  President Venold Coombs said he is elated by such an idea, and pledge the federations support by having the field ready, volunteering referees for the games and donating a trophy.

Individual donations will also come from Ian Sardine and other members of the business community.

The NLA who has jurisdiction over the facility has already given the all clear for usage over the weekend.

Morgan said the effort is to get the youths to relate to each other and not to follow the same trend of their elders over the years who fought against each other.

Some six teams will take part in the games on Saturday and Sunday, they are, Ottley Hall, Edinboro, Rose Place, Pauls Avenue, Richmond Hill and Volcanoes.

An open invitation is being extended to the general public to support the youths as they play friendly matches on the weekend at the Ottley Hall Playing Field, from 9.30am on Saturday.

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