School Teacher Nigel Morgan Launches Book

A book which seeks to keep popular Vincentian expressions alive will hit the market this Christmas season.

Titled 401 Vincy Caribbean Proverbs: Amazing Expressions to Guide You, the book is authored by Vincentian school teacher, Nigel Morgan, who is celebrating forty years in his chosen profession.

Morgan attributes the influence to publish the book to his vast experiences and interactions. He has actively taught children and adults to translate the spoken language and written expressions to standard English.

To obtain data for the book, Morgan also conducted research that required visiting different communities in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

“The book’s insightfulness gives us a deeper sense of who we are as humans,” says Morgan, who is also popularly known as ‘Teacher’.

“It highlights and challenges global ignorance, injustice, oppression, corruption, immorality and hate. It offers hope again for people to love, care, help and serve each other to fulfill our destiny.”

Some of the popular expressions included in the book are: “Whey horse reach, donkey go reach,” “ Tek time kill ants yo go fine ‘e gut,” “Whey yo ketch yo cole’ go blow yo nose,”and “Wo’ ah joke fu school pickney ah det fu crapo.”

‘Teacher’ Morgan is aware that not all of the popular Vincentian expressions are in his soon to be released book, but sees this publication as the first in a series on Vincentian and Caribbean Proverbs and idioms. (VCPI)

The book, “401 Vincy Caribbean Proverbs: Amazing Expressions to Guide You”, will be officially launched on November 30, at the Methodist Church Hall in Kingstown. It would be launched by the governing body, Morgans’ Institute for Learning and Development (MILAD), a registered Vincentian based company celebrating its 25 years of existence.

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