Saltwhistle Bay Mayreau, Selected Among World’s Best Beaches

Canada’s largest online travel website have carefully selected and ranked 50 of the World’s Best Beaches with the help of the leading travel professionals in the industry.
Saltwhistle Bay in Mayreau came in at number 16 out of 1800 beaches evaluated.

Located on the smallest inhabited island of Mayreau, Saltwhistle Bay makes you feel like you’re starring in your very own Robinson Crusoe novel.

As you disembark from your boat, you’ll be greeted by an exquisite 2-and-half-mile-long crescent of silky-smooth white sand with wave after wave of crystal-clear water lapping at your feet.

Saltwhistle’s perfectly spaced palms, sea-grape trees, and blooming bushes offer the perfect refuge from the midday sun.

With little to do other than walk its stunning shores, explore the tropical marine life and spot superyachts on the horizon. This slice of paradise really is the perfect relaxation spot. St. Vincent and the Grenadines

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