Leacock: "NDP needs to make sure it does not defeat itself"

Opposition member of parliament Hon St Clair Leacock says that he speaks on a number of issues that people within the party does not like to hear.

Leacock stated clearly his grievance while speaking on the party’s radio program recently.

He told the program host Bert Francios that there are issues troubling to him, and he sees them because he has been along that road before.

“ I pay a lot of attention to many things some of it people in the NDP don’t want to say and or hear, they would not like me for it”.

“ Last year around this time, when we had a change of the guard, Dr Jules Ferdinad who is no longer a Senator,  was being seen as a possible replacement to head the New Democratic Party, and Senator Zita Barnwell was supposed to be the Vice President of the NDP”.

Leacock says a year after such, they are now fighting to save their Senatorial appointments.

The Opposition MP said their contributions at the parliamentary level are measurable. He further stated that their preparedness for political contest needs, even more, sharper review.

“ I will say it again, NDP needs to make sure it is not a political party that defeats itself, I will be very clear on that”.

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