Graham Tells Marshall To Be Strong In These Times

Note To Sehon Marshall:

I address you as my brother, be strong in these times, life is filled with challenges and this present moment is a defining one for you, (as I know all too well).

I would hope and pray you would find the strength to come to terms with your actions, regardless of the circumstances and situation, be man enough to know we are all responsible for our own actions.

Life can present so many difficulties but it is how we choose to let them affect us and more so how we react to them, that makes the difference.

Let this moment be a defining one for you that despite all the negatives that may now come your way, you try to find the positive in it all and use it, use it to affect change in others.

Let not your ego and pride get the better of you because it takes a man of true strength and character to accept and admit when he’s at fault.

I pray you truly seek forgiveness and trust me when I tell you the journey from here on in will be hard and very challenging and the public ridicule will be heavy.

However, it will either break you or make you stronger, I hope you will dig deep into your soul and do what is right for you and right by your wife and for your country.

Be strong, yet humble yourself to be able to rise again a better man. He who is without sin let them cast the first stone.

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