Diplomat Sehon Marshall Summoned To Kingstown

Prime Minister  Gonsalves said the matter involving Diplomat Sehon Marshall was drawn to his attention on Friday afternoon.

Gonsalves said he  Consulted with sir Louis who was informed by the permanent mission in New York.

Sehon Marshall, 43, who serves as a counsellor for the Permanent Mission of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, allegedly decked his wife, Zandra Marshall, 36, after a verbal fight broke out at their Canarsie house at 1:15 a.m last Thursday night, police sources said.

Cops launched an investigation and found that Marshall struck the woman with a closed fist, leaving her with a bloody lip, the sources said.

We decide to discuss the issue over the weekend by talking to all relevant parties.

On Saturday evening I held a conversation with Ambassador Rohanda king, Howie Prince Consul General, and both with Sean and wife separately.

On Sunday I spoke with Sir Louis,  others members of the cabinet and parliament and persons in diaspora whose opinions I value.

We must have a mature understanding of the issues involved when in government you must understand the law and backdrop of the facts.

First, this government takes a strong position against domestic violence, recently we pass a very rigid domestic violence bill.

Secondly, this matter ceases being a private when it was reported to the NYPD. Once they got involved,  it moved from private to State to State relations.

Consequences will follow from those overriding principles and from the facts as we ascertained them.

“Marshall facts are at variance from his wife, but a third individual was present Marshall mother in law”.

Both King in relation to Sean and Prince in relation to Zandra, they were instructed not to report to work.

Marshall was informed by state authorities that he would be summoned forthwith to Kingstown for consultations.

The government is treating the matter with utmost seriousness and looking at all the legal options in the matter.

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