"700 votes is not easy to erase" MP Leacock

Central Kingstown representative Hon St Clair Leacock said if he was in a position of authority within the NDP, Isreal Bruce would have been a Senator in the parliament of SVG.

Leacock Speaking on the New Times program said whether the President and Leader of the NDP wants to do that in the future that’s his call, and he would respect that.

“ But I equally have the right as a Vice President of the main Opposition party and as a leader in politics in St Vincent and the Grenadines to express how I feel”.

“ So I say strongly, I still look forward to seeing Bruce, ideally entering the parliament as an elected member”.

Leacock says it makes good political sense if the party wants to strengthen its political machinery on the WindWard side of the island where the party is not doing well with the electorate.

He says this should be done soonest so there could be someone who could square off with MP Saboto Caesar, who is a formidable opponent.

Leacock says that a margin of 700 votes is not easy to erase, and the party would need every ounce of help, however, he believes in the immediate that the parliament is one area to showcase that strength.

Isreal Bruce was selected by the NDP South Central WindWard constituency counsel in September of 2016,  however, he has not been ratified by the party.

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