36yro Mechanic To Spend Christmas At Her Majesty’s Prison

36-year-old Glendis McDowall a mechanic from Redemption Sharpes was last Friday given the opportunity to participate in the Christmas 2017 festivities at Her Majesty’s Prison in capital Kingstown.

The opportunity was given by Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne at the Serious Offences Court when he was convicted and given a six months jail term for driving a motor vehicle after he was disqualified for doing so on February 17th, 2017 for twelve months by Senior Magistrate Bertie Pompey.

The vehicle was rendered uninsured for which he was given an additional fine of $3,000.00 t be paid by July 18th, 2018 failure to pay the fine would lead to him spending an additional six months jail term will be imposed.  The sentence will run concurrently.

The Court heard that on November 11th, 2017 a police motorcyclist was on routine mobile duty when he spotted McDowall driving a vehicle on Lower Street.

McDowall having recognized the presence of the police sped off and the police gave chase and on reaching the area of Bloc 2000 the vehicle disappeared.  On November 16th however, McDowall was met at Redemption Sharpes Law Enforcement Officers who then arrested and charged him.

Before imposing the sentence the Chief Magistrate described McDowall’s action as reckless.

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