"He thinks he is untouchable" Says Neighbour

(NY POST) – A Brooklyn woman whose diplomat spouse allegedly slugged her in the kisser hid her face with her cellphone Saturday, refusing to comment outside her Brooklyn home.

Xandra Marshall, of Canarsie, shook her head, hid her left hand inside her pocket and used her phone to block her mouth before rushing inside the home she shares with United Nations attaché Sehon Marshall and their two kids.

Sehon, 43, allegedly punched his wife, 36, in the face early Friday, but he couldn’t be arrested because he has diplomatic immunity, sources said.

But Sehon wasn’t getting diplomatic immunity from his Brooklyn neighbours, who called him a “son of a bitch” who “never says good morning or hello.”

“Why didn’t she punch his ass back?” one neighbour angrily shouted.

Neighbors said the family has been living on the top floor of the two-story building at East 92nd Street and Avenue N for less than a year.

Marshall, who serves as a counsellor for the Permanent Mission of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, left his wife with an injured hand and bloody lip, the sources said.

One neighbour said “nasty man,” Marshall thinks nothing of blocking the driveway with his car.

“This is crazy. He thinks he is untouchable!” another neighbour said.

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