Coreas Pharmacies Donate Wheelchairs

Tuesday 14th November 2016 was celebrated as World Diabetes Day. Diabetes is regarded a major health concern in SVG and to mark the occasion Coreas Pharmacies launched two initiatives.

One was the hosting of stations for the public to receive Blood Sugar testing absolutely free. The stations were managed by retired nurses who were  well positioned at each of the three Coreas Pharmacies between 10.00am and 2.00pm.

Blood Sugar testing being done outside Coreas Pharmacy Downtown.

On Wednesday 15th November, a party of Coreas Hazells Inc employees, including Manager of Coreas Pharmacies, Mrs. Jean Johnney Findlay, Pharmacist Granfel Francis and Marketing Coordinator Esworth Roberts, made the journey to the windward side of the island to make donations of two wheelchairs.

The recipients were Mr. Peter Baptiste of Dickson and Mr. Lidan Jack of Orange Hill. They are both amputees as a result of being diagnosed with Diabetes.

These persons were identified for assistance by personnel in the Ministry of Health after Coreas Hazells offered the assistance. Staff Nurse Ertrice Ellis of the Georgetown District also accompanied the team and witnessed the handing over.

Caretaker of Mr. Peter Baptiste, Ms. Doretha Johnson, received the wheelchair on his behalf and expressed many thanks for what she regarded as a worthwhile donation.

Mr. Lidan Jack was elated to welcome the team into his house. He was in high spirits, very jovial and did not hesitate to commence using his new aid in the presence of the team.

He was also very appreciative as he said jokingly, “I can now ride this all the way into town” he continued, “I really appreciate receiving this from Coreas Hazells, this will help me a lot”

Manager of Coreas Pharmacies, Mrs. Jean Johnney-Findlay, stated that “the Management and Staff of Coreas Pharmacies care about the wellbeing of their customers and assist when possible,  moments like these help to make her job fulfilling”.

A resident of Barrouallie has also been identified to receive a similar donation within the next two weeks.

Coreas Hazells Inc will soon be launching a major initiative to address the issue of Diabetes in SVG.

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