Courts To Hold OECS Reading Competition In SVG

On Wednesday 13th December, the finals of the Courts OECS Reading Competition will take place here in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

The finalists will compete in two categories, the presentation of a news article and the reading of a narrative.

The seven finalists are Christian Joseph-Kingstown Preparatory, Kent Cain Junior of Brighton Methodist, Jonneil Stowe-Lodge Village Government, Sheya Weeks-Spring Village Methodist, Ethan Balcombe-St. Mary’s Roman Catholic, Katelyn Bobb-Stubbs Government, and J’Tsi Yon Simmons-Windsor Primary.

The finals which were set to take place in September was postponed due to the passage of Hurricane Irma and Maria, Courts redirected resources to the islands thus a delay in the hosting of the competition.

Last year’s winner was Kaylee Robertson of the Stubbs Government School, who placed 3rd in the OECS competition in St. Kitts.

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