Mitchell Says Foreign Assistance Needed in solving crime

Foreign assistance is needed to help with the crime situation that is currently plaguing St Vincent and the Grenadines.

This is the view of former Prime Minister Sir James Mitchell.

 Mitchell said if we have problems here and our people cannot solve it, we must put our pride in the pocket and seek assistance outside.

“ If the problem cannot be solved by Vincentians, whether it is society investigating the crime, or what have you, let us get some technical assistance”.

Mitchell said, get them so we can have an analysis done, of whats going wrong, a complete analysis with recommendations, and we can take it from there.

“ We need to build up a critical analysis, with regard to the current wave of crime, we may even have to change legislation”.

The former Prime Minister says there is a modern system which copies the United States plea bargaining method.

“ For instance, if you have a gang, if you get one of them, you say okay, we will make things good for you, we will help you get to the United States or Canada, but you got to talk and gave evidence against the others”.

Mitchell said that means new legislation in SVG.

“ Am not saying it must be done, am putting it out there for people to think and see the way forward for St Vincent, because the issue of crime is for all of us to deal with”.

Mitchell said we must all combined our experiences and intellect into trying to solve this problem.

He said in some areas there is a need for community policing, but he is worried that it may not work because people are afraid to come out of their homes.

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