“I Have Some Advice For Gonsalves”, Says Mitchell

Former Prime Minister Sir James Mitchell said that himself and PM Gonsalves speak from time to time on various issues, however, he has never sought his advice on crime.

Mitchell told radio host Dwight “Bing” Joesph even without seeking his opinion, he has a recommendation for Gonsalves.

“ With all of this crime in the country and elsewhere, we need a high-level task force to deal with crime”.

Mitchell said that the Prime Minister and leader of the Opposition along with stakeholders from the private sector should be on that committee.

“ They can decide between the Prime Minister and the leader of the Opposition who will be chairman, perhaps you can even put the Speaker of the house as chairman, but you need a task force”.

Former PM Mitchell said businessman Kelly Glass tried to establish a committee but they have no authority.

“ I am coming back to the issue of the country’s image, if people know that tomorrow there is a high-level task force set up to deal with crime in SVG, that will erode the climate of fear in the minds of Vincentians much confidence would be return”.

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