GTC “Ball Revolution” continues in Fancy

The Grass Roots Tennis Club over the weekend continued what they have dubbed  “The Ball Revolution”.

The club already made donations in Calliaqua, Sharpes, SouthRivers, Bequia and on Saturday to Fancy.

A new Spalding portable basketball hoop was donated compliments efforts of the Grassroot Tennis Club, Mr Deron Grant and Cloud 9.

Mr Deron Grant donated 1000 EC dollars to the event.

Wayne Williams president of the basketball association joined the Ball Revolution and donated balls and worked with the kids throughout the day.

The club donated a Lawn Mower, barrows and rakes to help with maintenance of the area around the court.

The day was great said, Grant. It really showed the power of sport I think the next court would be Ottley Hall.

 “ If we unearth the power of sport you will be surprised what effect it can have, we have to invest in our youth and in sport the returns are priceless”.

The Ball Revolution started some weeks ago when Grant threw out a challenge on Boom 106.9 FM.

The challenge was made to Camilo Gonsalves to match the number of balls (10) which was given to start the program in East St George, Gonsalves responded by matching the amount.

Efforts will continue today with “Tennis For Hope” at the Grandview tennis court.

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