Former PM Concerned About security Forces

Who is to blame, what is the cause of all this violence, whats wrong with the police force, what is happening in regards to the police?

Those were questions asked by Sir James Mitchell former Prime Minister on Boom Fm earlier this week.

Mitchell said his overview is simple, he said occasionally the policemen would visit his home, and he is guessing that they are making sure he is still alive, part of their security report.

He said while speaking with the officers, he would ask them about the current crime situation.

“One of the question I still put to them is, do the police force still have a fund at the Commissioners disposal to hand out to a particular officer if he or she has done a good job”.

Mitchell said he remembers in his day, the commissioner could share out without discussing it with anybody, maybe with his senior officers, that somebody could get an extra 300 hundred dollars or 500 hundred dollars for some initiative.

“ That’s gone, the policemen told me.

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