Violent Crimes Against Yachtsmen Increased +500% In SVG

Former Prime Minister Sir James Mitchell said he is in a position to speak about crimes against yachtsmen giving his experience in boating and the tourism industry.

Mitchell speaking on Boom Fm says with respect to Crime, the Caribbean Safety and Security Net which tracks crime against yachts throughout the Caribbean region released its statistics for 2016 and it is quite worrying.

The former PM said the statistics show that over the 2015 period violent crimes against yachts in SVG increased by 500 percent.

Mitchell said the report also showed that the reports of violent crimes against yachts in SVG represent 33 percent of all violent incidents against yachts in the entire region.

He said these are figures that are published internationally.

“ The question before us is,  what are we going to do about it, when are we are going to do something about it, and when are we going to change the image of SVG.

According to CSSN the total number of incidents reported in SVG declined in 2016, however, the mix of violent and nonviolent incidents was greatly changed in 2016.

Nonviolent reports in SVG actually declined, largely attributable to fewer reports from Canouan, which had the highest number of reports in the region in the prior year (2015).

Graphs CSSN

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