Life In SVG “Fear and Frightening”

With respect to life in SVG, I can summarize it this way  “ Fear and Frightening”, this according to former Prime Minister Sir James Mitchell.

Mitchell speaking on Boom FM said Vincentians have fear about leaving their homes at night and are scared that they might be shot by accident.

There is this pervasive feeling of fear among the entire population, and quite frankly it’s frightening.

The former PM said that added to this, there is a further problem, that of democracy.

“ There is a fear of speaking your mind, fear about signs of a waning democracy. According to Freedom House, 2017 report SVG scored 91 in terms of democracy or being a free state.

According to the institution 0 is the worst, with 100 being the best score any country can attain.

Mitchell said this feeling of fear, we have to try, all of us to be rid of it and let us return to a matter of love.

“ That’s how I see it,”  Sir James said.

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