This transition will be a model for other leaders

Speaking on the transitioning to a new set of leaders, Leader of the Unity Labour Party Dr Ralph Gonsalves said in SVG there have been four long-serving leaders since 1951, Ebenezer Joshua, Milton Cato, James Mitchell and Ralph Gonsalves.

Gonsalves said it is arguable that Jousha did not prepare a transition, either within his party or in the state administration.

Cato a great leader that he was, did not sufficiently do that in his judgement.

And Mitchell a distinguished leader had it on his mind and spoke about it, but he probably thought that he had more time than he actually had.

“ Maybe he should have started the transition in 1994  because, by the time he was ready to do it in 1998,  the political circumstances were not tenable for him to do the transition in a proper and orderly manner.

Gonsalves said such is the case why there was such a dysfunctional government in the last couple of years under the NDP.

“ Am a student of history, I don’t know how many of you have reflected on the matter in the way in which I did, I have look at other countries too, I don’t have to go through them but I can write a thesis, they are more or less the same”.

Gonsalves said you have to prepare for a transition and is the obligation of the sitting leader, however, that does not mean that he is going to the outfield, it simply means that he is managing the transition in the most efficacious manner.

All of this is done in unison so as to ensure that you orderly development continues.

Gonsalves said proper transition must be done in the political sphere and the administrative sphere, he said this transition will be a model for leaders in the Caribbean.

The talk of transition is abuzz in SVG with the recent appointment of Camilo Gonsalves as Minister of Finance.

The Opposition claims that there is a “Dynasty” being put in place, transitioning from father to son.

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