Friday’s Ambition Is For Camilo To Win East St George

The leader of the Opposition has already conceded defeat in East St George, a seat currently held by the Unity Labour Party.

Prime Minister Gonsalves made such announcement at his press conference on Monday.

Gonsalves said the Leader of the Opposition in statements since the appointment of Camilo Gonsalves as the finance minister, said he wants Camilo to be the Opposition shadow minister on finance.

“ That is the ambition of the leader of the NDP, his ambition is so self-centred that in the process he concedes East St George”.

The only way Gonsalves said Camilo can be the Opposition spokesperson for Finance, is for him to be in the parliament as a representative.

“Friday has conceded that in East St George you can’t touch Camilo”.

His greatest ambition is for Camilo to be in the parliament as representative for East St George, Gonsalves said.

“ You can see part of his elusive dream is that he would be a minister of a finance, however, to attain such you must win elections.

But I will repeat it, says Gonsalves, “ Central to Friday’s ambition is that you cannot beat Camilo in East St George”.

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