GUYANA: 2 youths, both 20 years old, commit suicide

(INEWSGUYANA) – Residents living at Suddie Housing Scheme on the Essequibo Coast have reported that two young persons committed suicide recently in the area and both incidents were as a result of frustration and the abuse of alcohol.

Alluding to the social ills plaguing the community, residents living in the Suddie District in Region Two (Pomeroon/Supenaam) are appealing for more counsellors and mental health workers along the Essequibo coast with whom persons can go to for help.

They pointed out that as recent as November 11, a 20-year-old labourer from Suddie Housing Scheme committed suicide by hanging himself. The deceased, Khemraj Philgrim, committed the tragic act in his bed room, where his body was later discovered by his brother Mahadeo.

According to information reaching INews, the deceased was living with his mother Patricia Pilgrim along with his 5 siblings. On November 11,  he left home to celebrate his birthday with some friends and upon returning home, highly intoxicated, he and his mother had an argument. Information revealed that the mother is a habitual drinker and often would leave her children to fend for themselves. After the argument, Philgrim left for his room.

At around 20:30 hrs  that night, Mahadeo saw his brother ‘hanging’ and called out to his other siblings who are younger, and they also witnessed the tragic scene. The police were summoned and Philgrim’s body was taken to the Suddie Public Hospital where doctors pronounced him dead. He was later transported to the Suddie Mortuary awaiting a post mortem examination.

Meanwhile, just over a week ago, another 20-year-old consumed poison in the area. Dead is Aliexi Anthony, a hire care driver. According to information, he was also highly intoxicated when he went home and his father and him had a confrontation. When his father went to bed, Anthony reportedly consumed the poisonous substance. He was later discovered by family members.

To date suicide has been a worrying issue for Region Two. According to data from Suddie Public Hospital, there has been 38 attempted suicide cases there with 8 recorded deaths from the period January to November 2017.

The Guyana Foundation under the Sunrise Centre, along with Caribbean Voice, conducted several programmes along the Essequibo Coast to assist persons suffering from Mental Health issues. The Sunrise Centre is also open to those seeking counselling.

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