Bermuda: Two arrested for murder of Jamaican man

(RJR) – Two persons have been arrested in Bermuda for the murder of a Jamaican man. The 30-year-old was killed last Friday night while being chased by a gunman in Pembroke parish.
Morlan Steede, who was married and the father of a four-year-old daughter, was shot several times before collapsing in the middle of Parsons Road on the outskirts of  Bermuda’s capital Hamilton.
The police on Wednesday said two men from Bermuda had been arrested in connection with the murder of  Mr. Steede. Investigators confirmed that they were looking at the possibility that the killing was related to a drugs feud.
A man in his early 20’s has since been released on police bail, while the other man, also in his mid-20s, is still in custody. The police described the incident as the senseless killing of a father and husband.
The Jamaican was the fifth person murdered in Bermuda since the start of the year.

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