Leacock Not Afraid To Cross The Aisle

Opposition member of parliament Hon St Clair Leacock has offered to work with the government on programs that aides in nation-building.

Leacock speaking in parliament earlier this week said he is also volunteering the service of the Opposition shadow minister for Agriculture Hon Roland “Patel” Matthews.

“ Am offering our services to the Agriculture Minister Sobato Caesar and the Economic Minister Camilo Gonsalves”.

It is time we start thinking of a steering committee across party lines and a year from now come back to this parliament to show what we can collectively do in making SVG the “Organic Centre” of the world.

Leacock said this can be done in partnership with Guyana and other OECS member states.

“ It is another great opportunity for us to create another five to ten thousand jobs in SVG if we can put our minds to work”

Leacock says he is not afraid to cross the aisle on this matter and to lend what little I know in this area to the service of the government on behalf of the people of SVG to create more jobs and opportunity for our people.

“ Let’s get to work”, the Opposition MP told the Speaker of the house in closing.

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