SVGBF seeks to strengthen basketball feeder system

In an attempt to strengthen the Basketball feeder system in SVG The St Vincent and the Grenadines Basketball Federation (SVGBF) will be rolling out two programs:

  1. The School 2. The Grassroots Program.

These Sports Development and Sport For Development programs fall in line with the Long Term Athlete Development Program (LTAD) of the Basketball Federation.

The process commenced with a meeting of coaches and persons interesting in assisting with the execution of these programs on Thursday 28th September.

 At that meeting, there were discussions on the programs, plus an explanation of the FIBA new Coaching Certification Program.

 On Tuesday 7th November members of the association travelled as far North as  Sandy Bay to deliver basketballs to all of the Secondary Schools on the windward side of the St Vincent including the schools in the Mesopotamia area.

Today they will be delivering basketballs to the schools on the leeward side of St Vincent and next week members are hoping to cover the Secondary Schools in the Grenadines.

The association expressed thanks to the St Vincent and the Grenadines Olympic Committee for assisting in securing the basketballs and to the Government of SVG for waiver of duties on the basketballs.

President of the association Wayne Williams said he hopes the initiative will contribute to the development of sports in the school system and the youth of SVG.

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