Jamaican entrepreneur to host workshop for women in SVG

Heneka Watkis-PorterJamaican serial-entrepreneur, cultural ambassador, sociologist, author, speaker, fashion designer and podcaster will be in SVG as part of the team delivering a course called “Textile and Apparel: Fashion Computer Aided Design.”

The main goal of the course is to develop a new business and production workflow to represent the whole development process virtually, leading to an innovative virtual prototyping solution for textile and clothing companies.

“The impact which we strive to achieve is incorporating the use of ICT which expounds the concept of positioning, competitive advantage and targets ongoing dialectics between conservation and innovation, technology and manual skills, opening a window into the new luxuries possible and the new markets of the Internet”.

Porter said they will train 20 professionals to manage their businesses more efficiently through the use of technology.

 “ICT will enable trainees to engineer the intangible and create fashion by exploiting tradition, craft, innovation and new technology”.

Porter will also be hosting a Women Empowerment Conference.

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