Vincentian Youth Graduates With Honours and special awards

Another Vincentian youth has excelled following studies abroad, Michael Orey Craigg has graduated with Honours from the Bethel Bible College of the Caribbean – Jamaica.

Craigg spent four years from August 2013 to May 2017 pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Theology with a minor in Guidance and counselling  Second Class Honours.

The young pastor who hails from the community of Welcome graduated with Special awards including Pastoral Studies and Student of the Year.

Craigg outshined other students and was selected to present the   Valedictory speech at the colleges’ Valedictorian Service.

Speaking to News784, Craigg said the 4-year experience came with challenges such as difficulties in adapting to another culture and the passing of his Vincentian colleague who inspired him to start the program.

Outside of the loss of his friend, Craigg said the time was quite fulfilling and he is happy to have followed the commands of the Lord.

The newly graduated pastor told News784 that there is a need for more men and women who will answer the call of God, telling News784  he believes his calling was not just to leadership, but to lead a shift.

Craigg had some advice for students currently pursuing or thinking of pursuing studies.

“ Never say you can’t, always believe in yourself and be comfortable in your own shoes, don’t hesitate in being your own cheerleader, always trust in the Lord with your whole life”.

Craigg who graduated on Sunday, November 5th at the  Mandeville New Testament Chruch of God in Jamaica, will worship with the congregation at the Glad Tidings Tabernacle Gomea.

The congregation is a member church of the Pentecost Assembly of the West Indies.

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