Tennis for Hope 12th November

The Grassroot Tennis Club will have its annual event ‘Tennis for Hope’ at the Grandview Hotel Tennis Court on Sunday 12th November 2017 from 4 pm.

This year the club would divert its attention from the usual Breast Cancer awareness to raising funds for the awareness of Diabetes and Prostate Cancer.

This would be done by raising funds to facilitate the process of having 100 men do the requisite test.

Director of the Grassroot Tennis Club Grant Connell said that the club has confirmed with the Managment of Sigma Laboratory that they would provide the service at a special rate, and a special voucher would be provided to help cross the financial hurdle in our quest to get more men tested.

Hopefully, all the survivors of cancer and those living with diabetes can all join in the occasion, share their experience and be able to relate and encourage men to deal with the two (2) NCD’s (Non-communicable diseases) and this starts by men getting tested.

The event in the past has been quite successful and this year we decided to fine tune it and directing the funds raised into a system which would hopefully point us as a society to what exactly we are up against and how best we can deal with it as a people.

The general public is invited to the occasion that would have Fun activities on Court, a Fundraiser Barbeque and Cake Sale while the feature match of the Finals of the Rock Hard Cement men’s Tournament would also be played.

T-Shirts to mark the occasion would be on sale from Monday 6th November 2017 at the Club.

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