New Hope, Amongst Destruction Of Facilities

(By Ernesto Cooke) – Sportsmen and women in the Vermont Valley now have a new sporting Facility for football, netball, cricket among others.

The Hope Playing field in Vermont was officially opened on Sunday 5th November 2017 under rainy skies.

The opening saw a football match between South Leeward and Central Leeward, due to rain a planned cricket match had to be cancelled.

In attendance were special invited guest Mr Thomas Kentish from Dominica and Mr Junior Muarry former West Indian cricketer from Grenada.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, General Manager of the National Lotteries Authority  McGregor Sealy,  urged residents to take care of the facility as the construction of such are an expensive venture.

He lamented the numerous times the National Lottery had to undertake refurbishing works on new facilities due to persons vandalizing them within a short space of time.

“ We recently refurbished the Campden Park playing field, however before we could have an opening, we had to paint it two times, the gate was pulled off, and right now as I speak the doors are all gone ”.

Sealy also spoke of the North Union facility which has 13 toilets, 6 wash basins, and all lighting fixtures installed.

“ Guess what happened, people went in there took out the toilets, took down the wash basins, rip out all the lighting fixtures so am begging you the people of Hope, Vermont, to take care of this facility”.

Sealy said the money spent on these facilities could be saved to do other projects, hence his plea to the people of Vermont.

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