Leacock Warns of Going to extremes on the current FBI probe

Opposition Member and parliamentary representative for Central Kingstown Hon St Clair Leacock told program host Addison Bash Thomas and the listeners to the New Times Program on Tuesday, to be cautious about statements they make surrounding the recent revelations by the FBI in which SVG was implicated

 On Monday Special Counsel Robert Muller announced that Paul Manafort and Richard Gates have been indicted by a federal grand jury on 12 counts.

 The 12-count indictment includes money laundering, St. Vincent and the Grenadines are alleged to be one of the countries whose offshore structures were utilized to move funds allegedly controlled by Manafort.

Leacock told the radio host that reports from the international media would have done some damage to the image of SVG, however, he stated that what they said does not have to be correct.

The authorities here in SVG noted that even the most effective systems around the world sometimes may not prevent a criminal intent to commit fraud or money laundering activities, especially where legitimate names and business are utilized to incorporate a company or establish a business relation.

The MP said there have been enough problems in the pass in relation to the offshore sector, citing the Nano and William Wise affair along with others that can be spoken of.

“Just be guarded, in the way we paint a broad brush over the matter, that is to say, what we defend and what we don’t defend”.

Leacock says that goes for all of us who want to speak on the subject, stating that Dr Linton Lewis presentation on the issue, was a very informed one.

He said it is the view of Dr Lewis that SVG has hardly done anything wrong in the current fiasco.

“ We as a people should not feel as if we have to crawl under the cupboard because of Manafort”, Leacock said.

The MP told the host and listeners to Nice Radio that they should not go to extremes, and avoid being drawn into unnecessary debates.

Since 2013- 2014 and more recently in 2017, the relevant authorities and institutions in St. Vincent and the Grenadines have been cooperating with the US authorities in the investigation of the matter at hand and will continue to lend their assistance. The authorities in St. Vincent and the Grenadines have thus acted properly in every respect in relation to this matter.

Paul Manafort was a former campaign manager of US President, Donald Trump.

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