CID Investigates Burglary At Bridge Over Troubled Water Bar

Detectives from the Criminal Investigations Department are currently carrying out investigations into a report of a burglary which is said to have occurred at a bar situated at Upper Bay Street on the famous “bridge over troubled water” operated by Evol “Ette” Benn of Glen.

Reports are that on Thursday Benn secured her business place before she left for home just after 9:00 p.m.

It is reported that on the Morning of October 28th, she received a telephone call from someone who had observed that the business place appeared to have been broken into.

Benn immediately left home and proceeded to the Bar.  Upon arrival she discovered that the main door was opened and having entered inside she discovered that all the stock were missing.

In an interview, the distraught woman said that she has been operating in the area since 2002 and it is the 8th time that her business place has been burglarized.

 The cost of the missing items is not yet known.

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