Patriotic Song Released by Hayden Billingy

Good Times is a patriotic single released by Hayden Billingy Music on the heels of the 38th-anniversary celebration of Independence in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Our islands are treasure chests of cultural diversity and natural beauty that have lured visitors to our shores for decades. Many musical icons have captured the essence of our cultural heritage and folklore in local renditions that have become part of our cultural repertoire.

Good Times by Hayden Billingy is no different, as it narrates a getaway of a lifetime that offers nothing but tropical bliss, where a wayward wanderer can carouse with nature and become refreshed and renewed. The sweet melody invites visitors to come and be spoiled in the unspoiled beauty of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.  The vibe of the song is reminiscent of a carefree lifestyle, where the limit to good times depends on your appetite!

Good Times was written by Hayden Billingy and Meriaha St. Louis, and produced by Meriaha St. Louis of MS Studio. Hayden will like to thank Loudgence Music and Jason Bess for vocal tracking, Norita Baynes for back vocals and Garfield Lauren for performing live guitars. Hayden hopes that his song will help to create greater national pride and becomes embedded into our local folklore.

The single Good Times is available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon, etc. and could be streamed on YouTube at as well as on SoundCloud and  Spotify.

Hayden Billingy is a University Graduate, consultant, songwriter and gospel recording artiste, music producer, actor, fashion designer, blogger, and the visionary and one of the Directors of Arch City Entertainment Management Agency (ACEMA). ACEMA is a gospel events, music production and artiste management agency.

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