Somalia car bombings kill at least 300 people

A huge truck bomb blast in Somalia’s capital has killed 300 people, the country’s information minister said Sunday.

It is believed to be the single deadliest attack ever in the Horn of Africa nation.

Doctors struggled to assist horrifically wounded victims, many burned beyond recognition. Officials feared that the toll would continue to climb from Saturday’s truck bomb, which targeted a busy street near key ministries.

Ambulance sirens still echoed across the city as bewildered families wandered in the rubble of buildings, looking for missing relatives. “In our 10-year experience as the first responder in #Mogadishu, we haven’t seen anything like this,” the Aamin Ambulance service tweeted.

Grief overwhelmed many. “There’s nothing I can say. We have lost everything,” said Zainab Sharif, the mother of four children, who lost her husband. She sat outside a hospital where he was pronounced dead after hours of efforts by doctors to save him from an arterial injury.


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