Union Island: Parents entering School compound to confront children

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The Stephanie Browne primary school is not a fenced in school so it is open to all, in which the school have had many disturbance from parents during school in session.

We the PTA have recently requested a daytime security which was given to us at the beginning of this school term, I wrote this article regarding parents entering the school compound to confront children that may have been involved in incidents with their child/children.

I have been a witness to such on many occasions, where parents just enter the school grounds cussing teachers, students and Even the principal, sometimes they go as far as hitting the child that was involved in the incident.

Is that an appropriate way to address a problem?  We the parents are the one to be blamed for the way our children handle situations because they learn from us. Many may not fully understand the definition of bullying but it is a continuous aggressive behaviour where someone is hurt physically, verbally, socially and even cyber.

Bullying is not when children are playing together and one gets hurt physically. Children play and accidents do happen. The way in which some parents handle situations is beyond crazy and it could be dealt with in a much better manner. It starts with us the parents, we need to learn to apologize when wrong so we can teach it to our children, instead of getting aggressive.

We need to let our children be children and don’t involve them in situations where they are innocent,( most parents don’t get along with each other so they tend to get the children involve by being negative, oh just keep from that child me and the mother don’t speak).

At several P.T.A meetings the most concern the teachers and principal have mentioned is the increasingly disturbing behaviour of students.Asking parents to please teach our children to be more disciplined especially at school.

But being present at each meeting for the past 5 years I can honestly say the behaviour of the parents is exactly how the children behave.

Now if we the parents don’t have any behaviour, how can we teach it to our children? At school, the teachers and principal is responsible for our children and we must give them the respect they deserve.

If we don’t show them respect, so will our children. We need to be our brother’s keeper. Learn to communicate with each other and be more supportive towards one another. Look around and meditate on what is happening around us.It takes a community to raise a child.

Please, we cannot change yesterday but we can try to make today and tomorrow better if we come together as one and stop being a bully to each other.

By Marie-Therese Alexander


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