Logos Arrives In Port Kingstown November 22nd

MV Logos Hope, the world’s largest floating book fair, is slated to return to port Kingstown from November 22nd to December 5th, 2017.

The ship will dock in St Vincent with 5,000 different titles of books for sale, all below market prices.

The books will cover a range of subjects including science, sports, hobbies, cooking, medicine, languages, as well as children’s titles, academic texts, dictionaries, Bibles and more.

The MV Logos Hope, last visit to port  Kingstown, was nine years ago, during July 2009.

The MV Logos Hope is operated by GBA Ships E.V., an international, charitable organisation registered in Germany.

Since 1970, the organisation has welcomed more than 45 million visitors up to its gangways in more than 160 countries and territories around the world.