Continuous Search By The Opposition To Blame Government

Are we honest with ourselves in assessing the situation of crime in St Vincent and the Grenadines? (Senator Julian Francis).

Senator Julian Francis said some of the politicians on the Opposition benches are blaming the government and unemployment.

“They say the government is not creating, and if they ain’t creating jobs, what they want the young people to do”.

Francis said that has to be some thinking because there are many young women unemployed but not shooting each other.

“Many young women have children, unemployed, but yet able to feed themselves and send their children to school, without shooting one another”.

“The Opposition, you would remember what they had running the other day on the Hospital, they ran their time with that, they thought they were getting momentum then it fell flat on them”.

Francis said it is a continuous search by the Opposition to blame the government, an ongoing search for which they fail every single time.

“The government position on this is that we prepare and present the security of the nation, this is to say we invest in the Police Force, we invest in the Coast Guard, we invest in the equipment and vehicle for them to mobilise”.

Francis pointed out that the government had invested significant sums in the mobile units more so in the last five years,

He said there is an element in SVG within the young men, and that’s where the heart of this problem is.

Turning his attention to dancehall music, Francis said, when he was a young man, they had what you call a censor board for movies, no film could have been shown unless I went through censorship.

“ Are we getting to the point where we now need to censor the lyrics of the songs we play here”.


  1. The government is certainly at fault. Here is the ULP again trying to shift the blame for their failures. They spend too much time engaged in propaganda instead of making laws that fix problems. Many in the ULP admit that Gonsalves has terrible economic policy that fosters unemployment. As far as policy is concerned the ULP are a bunch of losers and that is because of one greedy, self-centered, arrogant man.

    • Yes I love it u right Borg.and if we as vincentian look good we will see the real criminal standing right there Julian and Ralph truth will surely reveal and when it do i need all court to say yes to hang all of you

  2. Dancehall music Mr Minister. Now Jamaicans and other dancehall artist you shearing the blame with. Call a spade a spade these evil hot head cowards should take the beating for that, as you said that females are unemployed and they’re not behind the trigger are they not listening to dancehall music as well. Certain communities farming these criminals instead they farm food the farming fools.

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