SILVAINK – First Cheque Printing Company To Open In SVG

Mr Kirk Da Silva Jr. and Ms Janine Defreitas.

Financial institutions and business houses now have a quick and alternative way to order cheques with the launch of SilvaInk.

 SilvaInk which is the first local cheque printing company on the island is an integrated service designed strictly to satisfy clients with chequing needs that are compliant with the Automated Clearing House System.

Presently financial institutions and business houses order cheques from Barbados.

Company directors told News784, that the service being provided eliminates the hassle of ordering from overseas, hence providing an affordable cost while reducing waiting time.

The company’s aim according to its founders, is to help organisations in optimising their operations by providing a full range of cheque printing services while ensuring all technical and security standards are met.

SilvaInk during a sit down with News784 said they have tested all of its cheques through the Automated Clearing House System to ensure that all cheques printed are within the security standards and guidelines of the ECCB.

The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank and the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union have mandated, ‘that all cheques are to be MICR coded, so to facilitate the clearance of all cheques within the territory through the Automated Clearing House System’.

The founders of the company are Mr Kirk Da Silva Jr. and Ms Janine Defreitas.

Da Silva who is the manager/owner of SilvaKast the authorised dealers of DirecTV SVG holds a degree in business management and was a former international tennis player.

Da Silva told News784 he is currently building a local brand of businesses hence the name Silvakast and now SilvaInk.

Co-Founder Janine Defreitas is a former employee of Bank of Nova Scotia for almost ten years, who resigned last year to start SilvaInk. Defreitas is well positioned in the financial circle and holds a degree in Marketing and Business Administration.

Organisations wishing to do business with SilvaInk can do so via contact numbers: 784 532 8830 /784 454 5783  or email: