Taiwan: Leading the charge in Agricultural Research

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Located in Pingtung County, Southern Taiwan, with over 100 years of history, the Kaohsiung District Agricultural Research and Extension Station has devoted its effort to the improvement of regionally important crops and the development of environmentally friendly cultural practices.

On a field visit to the area on Wednesday 31st May Executive Director of News784 Ernesto Cooke, learnt that after the relocation of its headquarters in Nov. 2006, the Station had increased the capacity and facility for research and extension of agricultural innovations.

Due to the environmental conditions in the Kao-Ping Area, the Station has the potential to play a fundamental role in tropical agricultural research.

members of the team at Main Building Kaohsiung District Agricultural Research and Extension Station

In accordance with Taiwan’s national agricultural policy, the station directors told representatives from various media establishments from the South Pacific, Central America and the Eastern Caribbean, that developing and producing tropical agricultural products of high quality will continue to be highly emphasised in the future.

This the directors noted as they work towards the establishment of a healthful, efficient, and sustainable farming system not only for Taiwan but a model for the world.

The Station consists of five research units, three administration units, there is 58 certified staff with 48 researchers and ten administrative officers, as well as 37 technicians and drivers.

crop breeding mangoes

Rice, vegetable soybean, and adzuki bean are major agronomic crops studied in the Station. The general objectives of the research are variety development and cultural practice improvement. The breeding goal is to develop crop varieties with high-quality, high-yield, and anti-stress traits

The overall objectives of food processing are to promote the consumption of staple and new crops while increasing the value of agricultural products and enhancing the development of agro-industry.

Media representatives learnt that various processing methods, such as fermentation, extraction, concentration, and dehydration, have been used to produce innovative food products that meet consumers need and preference.

In addition to the breeding program taking place, a farm management project was also conducted with the purpose of enhancing working efficiency and industry competitiveness.  By Ernesto Cooke

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