Dad went to buy chicken, ended up living second life

(Trinidadexpress) A ROUTINE Sunday morning chicken-buying errand ended in a near death encounter for a Penal man yesterday when a concrete utility pole fell and flattened his car.

Deodath Ramjag, of Sunrees Road, is counting himself lucky to be alive having escaped the ordeal with mere abrasions.

Police said the pole and electrical wires were pulled down when it the wires became entangled in a truck and trailer transporting a drilling rig and other industrial equipment.

”I was in shock”, Ramjag a father of three told the Express. “Nothing like this has ever, ever happened to me before. Never had a near-death experience”.

The incident occurred at around 7.30 a.m. at Ramjohn Trace. Ramjag said he was headed to purchase a chicken for his wife to cook a meal.

He said his wife was supposed to have gone along on the drive, but instead stayed at home. “If my wife was in the car she might have died”, he said.

Ramjag said that he was driving when he passed the truck and trailer. Within seconds, and without warning the 20 foot concrete pole smashed onto the hood and windscreen.

“A rig had passed me along the road, I was going in the opposite direction. The back of the rig hooked the wire and pull down everything. I didn’t see anything; I just heard noises, like crackling, and then the pole fell on the car”, he said.

Ramjag said that he paused for a few minutes, then tried to get out of the car.

“None of the doors were opening. I looked around and saw that the electrical wires had stopped sparking and then I climbed out through the driver’s window”, he said.

“I just sat down at the side of the road look on at everything”. Officers of the Penal Police Station and officials of the Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission responded.

Police spoke with the driver of the rig, but it was allowed to leave the scene. The Express was told that the vehicle was owned a contractor in Fyzabad.

The area was cordoned off as TTEC technicians attempted to secure the wires.  The incident caused a power outage in the area for several hours.

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