TRINIDAD: Ria's husband: She is not dead, I want her back

(TRINIDADEXPRESS) The husband of missing hairdresser, Ria Sookdeo, refuses to believe she is gone for good. Mark Sookdeo, 40, said his only wish was for her to return home to their two young children.

Sookdeo has returned to his job as a plant attendant at National Petroleum. His children, ages five and nine, have returned to school.

But their lives would never be the same, he said.  Sookdeo said, “It will never be the same. They have returned to school, but they will never settle down. They are missing their mummy. My son got sick in school yesterday. His mummy would have been there to pick him up and take care of them.”

Sookdeo said his children still pray for their mummy to return home. He said time has not healed their pain and he was still hoping that she was alive.

“There has been talk on social media that she is dead. But I don’t want to believe that. I want to believe that she would come home,” he said.

Sookdeo said he was in contact with investigators involved in his wife’s case.  But they have no new information on what happened, he said.

“I would call them every other day. But they would say no new development in the case. No one has called to say anything,” he said.

On September 22, Ria Sookdeo dropped her two children off to classes at the Picton Presbyterian Primary School. She drove a short distance away to Picton Estate Road, where she attempted to turn her red Nissan XTrail around, but was blocked by a black van.

Sookdeo, 34, was dragged out of the vehicle and placed in the black van which sped away. Her handbag, cellphone and one side of a pair of slippers were left behind.

Her family searched day and night hoping to find the woman alive. But she was never seen. Sookdeo lives and operates her business at Wellington Road, Debe.

Police arrested an ex-policeman and seized a black Nissan XTrail SUV a week later, but the man was later released. And police determined that the black SUV was not the vehicles used in Sookdeo’a abduction.

Investigators told the Express on Friday that the case was not closed. However, they have no new information on Sookdeo’s abduction.

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