Vincentian charged in Million Dollar drug bust on Carriacou

(Thegrenadainformer) Astique Haynes, 27 years, Labourer along with Grenadian National Peter Kim Alexander, 33 years, unemployed of Cook Hill Road, Grenville, St. Andrew, have been charged in connection with the seizure of over 1-million dollars’ worth of compressed cannabis on the island of Carriacou.

In a joint operation between members of the Coast Guard and the Criminal Investigation Department, the Drug Squad confiscated eighteen bags of compressed marijuana, which weighed approximately 618 pounds.

The cannabis carries a street value of almost $1.5-million, according to the police.

The high-grade cannabis which was tightly wrapped in bags to protect it from moisture was found buried in the sand on the “Leelet” beach, which is located between Windward and Petite Carenage.

According to Inspector Clyne of the Carriacou Police Station, there were signs that the area where the eighteen bags were hidden had been disturbed.

“We dug the sand and found the drugs hidden there”, said Inspector Clyne, “the operation was conducted sometime between 6 am and noon”.

He said both men who were in the vicinity were immediately apprehended and sent to the mainland under police escort.

Only late last month both the inspector and Head of the Northern Division, Superintendent Solomon Stafford spoke of the challenges to secure the islands’ borders in light of the close proximity to St Vincent and the Grenadines.  According to the police, this closeness is responsible for a high percentage of the drugs landing on the streets of Carriacou, and Petite Martinique and transshipping to the mainland and other jurisdictions.

However, Inspector Clyne said that he was not sure of the destination for last Monday’s major marijuana stash.

The two men are currently assisting lawmen with their investigations into what may well be the largest drug bust ever in Carriacou.

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