Vendors Asked To Remove Tables immediately

“ No vendors would be accommodated before Monday night,  for the opening ceremony on Tuesday at the Argyle International Aiport”.

The foregoing was stated by Senator Julian Francis speaking on Boom FM on Friday 9th February.

Francis told radio host Dwight Joesph that No vendors would be allowed at the parking lot of the airport on Monday, “ it is an official ceremony and no vendors would be allowed down there “.

Francis noted that all vendors would be allowed to come in late Monday night, he also urges those who have already place tables in the area to remove them immediately, or else he would make provision for them to be removed.

The senator also told the radio host that the tents for the ceremony are not yet in place, they have only been laid out for security reasons.

Francis further said there would be no parking in the rally area on Tuesday, the perimeter road on the seaside has a lot of parking area and they would also provide about 8 thirty seater tour buses to be travelling around the area nonstop.

“ The traffic out there on Tuesday would be one way, the police will announce when such would be initiated when you come from Kingstown you have to drive around and exit back at Mt Coke”.

“ If you are coming from the windward side you enter at Peruvian vale onto the Argyle road and you come around to go back to the windward side, there is no turning around on either of those roads it would be a one-way traffic and I want all persons to observe the rules”.

Francis said on Tuesday there would be no parking in the parking lot of the Airport, except for persons doing business there, dropping off or picking up passengers, he said the police would be very vigilant on that issue.

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