PM Skerrit says his government will not be overthrown

CMC – Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit Wednesday said that his ruling Dominica labour Party (DLP) would not be removed from office unless through the ballot box as he condemned the violence that erupted here on Tuesday night as police used teargas to disperse opposition supporters demanding his resignation.

Addressing the 24th annual general meeting of the Agricultural Industrial and Development (AID) Bank, Skerrit, who had earlier toured some of the businesses looted or set on fire by the protestors, said that his silence should never be regarded as a sign of weakness.

He told the bankers that the riot had been organised “clearly by the leadership of the United Workers Party and their associates” had resulted in millions of dollars in losses.

“I visited the Muslim store, they set fire to the back of the store and I saw the volume of stock, millions of dollars destroyed. Those that were not damaged by smoke or fire were damaged by water,” Skerrit said, adding it is incomprehensible as Christian people and go to church every morning and praise God “would be condoning this action by the United Workers Party (UWP) because of our partisanship…”

Skerrit said that  the store owners and others had invested significant amounts of resources into the island. Adding that the stores attacked were done so randomly.

“And we can wake up in the morning and be okay with it, nothing happened in the country. That we are not going to let our voices be heard and condemn this because we are supporting the party, or because we do not like or love Roosevelt Skerrit.

“That has nothing to do with me. It is about the country and the country’s future. When to send to the world the impression that this country is not a place to do business and to come to visit how are we going to create jobs in Dominica.”

He said the acts aimed at toppling his administration by force would never succeed.

“I am saying to people in Dominica, that nobody or groups of individuals are going to get out or my government out without going through the ballots. Never take my silence for weakness. I am measured with my approach with life …as the leader of the country let it be known that there should be no actions on the part of individuals of Dominica to overthrow this government.

“So if that’s what is their intention I am sending message to them they bette4r re-think their plans. But this action last night was planned it was calculated and it was executed,” he added.

Earlier, Opposition Leader Lennox Linton condemned the “violence and vandalism” in the capital on Tuesday night and denied that the party played any role in getting protestors to set fires and loot several buildings.

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