Highest Departure Tax "Blatant Lie" Says Gonsalves

SVG does not have the highest departure tax in the region, Minister Camilo Gonsalves in his contribution to the budget debate made this clear in responding to postings on social media which stated such.

“ It is a blatant untruth, Mr speaker I asked the Director of airports to get me the data on departure cost, what it cost you to fly out, what a round trip cost in and out of SVG and we know its 40 US dollars, that is what we passed in the law”.

Gonsalves said; ” in Barbados, there is even a 10 US dollar charge to walk off liat and walk back on, and in Jamacia, they recently increased their air passenger departure tax by some 75 percent”.

Listen to Minister Gonsalves Detail the charges below from other Caribbean countries.

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