NDP condemns insidious attempt by Senator Francis to impute improper motives against proposals by MP Cummings

The New Democratic Party has condemned the insidious attempt by Senator Julian Francis in Parliament on Monday, January 30th, 2017, to impute improper motives from the progressive and heartfelt, frank and practical proposals presented by West Kingstown Member of Parliament, the Hon. Daniel Cummings.

A release issued by the NDP states that MP Cummings in his speech in Parliament on that day, with a targeted presentation among other things, addressed the need to modernise the Public Service while making life better for both the Public Servants and members of the public whom they serve.

The release states that in no way was Cummings suggesting in his speech in Parliament that our dignified public servants represent any swamp to be drained.

In fact, it is our solidly held position that the only swamp that exists and which needs draining now is the ULP.

It adds that it is indeed this regime that has failed to modernise the Public Service but instead has demoralised the professionals by a blatant politicising of the entire service.

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