PM Gonsalves: Advanced Weapon En-route To SVG Intercepted

PM Gonsalves while delivering his 2017 budget presentation said that as a citizen, we are living in a dangerous hemispheric region.

Gonsalves point was brought about by what he said was made known to him last week

” last week I was shown a picture of an advanced weapon, one which was stolen from the recent robbery of a weapons infirmary in the city of Atlanta the state capital of Georgia, USA”.

Gonsalves said the weapon he was shown was intercepted on its way to St Vincent by their partners in the region.

He said a number of the weapons stolen had made their way to the Caribbean.

This Gonsalves said should drive us to work together on the issue of crime instead of marking it political.

Crime has been placed on the agenda for 2017 as an area of focus among 6 others.

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