Romania protesters not backing down after decree repeal

About 500,000 demonstrators have rallied across Romania, despite the government revoking a controversial decree that fuelled their discontent.

The left-wing government earlier scrapped the decree, which would have shielded many politicians from prosecution for corruption.

But protesters remain dissatisfied about a revised version of the bill which will now be put to parliament.

Some are calling for the government of PM Sorin Grindeanu to resign.

Recent days have seen Romania’s largest protests since communism fell in 1989.

The decision to repeal the degree was confirmed at an emergency government meeting in the capital Bucharest on Sunday.

But protesters expressed concerns about the government’s plans to redraft the law and send it for debate in parliament, where it could be forced through.

Huge crowds swelled in the capital’s Victory Square for a sixth day in a row.

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