Jamaica to introduce paint that bounces urine back on persons peeing

JAMAICA GLEANER – The national disgrace of persons, mainly men, urinating on public walls could be addressed if Jamaica copies a campaign introduced in Germany to wet persons who pee in public spaces.

And it could be more economical than the thousands of dollars which agencies such as the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation (KSAC) spend to clean the areas left ‘renk’ by persons with no pride.

Julia Staron and other members of the St Pauli Interest Community in Hamburg, Germany, poured their frustration into action, introducing to the district a hydrophobic paint which bounces water droplets off.

This means that a person runs the risk of wetting his pants and shoes if he tries to pee on a wall covered with this paint.

“The idea arose with a joint brainstorming of the district management and advertising agency and other representatives of the district,” Staron told The Sunday Gleaner from Hamburg last Tuesday.

“We have the most problems with male guests at St Pauli because it is an amusement and party district with about 24 million guests a year. We painted the walls and corners with this repellent lacquer,” said Staron.


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