All Leeward Rural Carnival Event For Vincy Mas 2017

The three committees on the Leeward side of the island have committed to combining their resources, connections and will power to organise an All Leeward Rural Carnival launch.

This according to Coordinator of Rural Carnival Esworth Roberts in a Facebook posting.

Roberts also publicly express his appreciation to all persons from these committees who are working tirelessly to ensure the event will go down as one of the most memorable events on the Vincy Mas calendar for 2017.

“I will also like to make special mention and to thank sincerely, those sponsors who have already given their commitments towards ensuring the success of this event”.

“I will like to make a special mention of Mrs Shafia London who has already pledged significant support on behalf of the St. Vincent Brewery Ltd.

Roberts said a press conference would be held in the month of February where apart from sharing all details of the event, all sponsors will also be fully acknowledged.

The Rural Coordinator said they are also looking forward to the public’s full support on the initiative.

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