“Lest we forget” 189 Days Still Missing, Kahili (Q) Ollivierre

Kahili Ollivierre popularly known as” Q” is still missing after 189 days.

He was last seen on August 4th, 2016 speaking with a young man outside Dougan’s shop in Calliaqua.

Speaking with NEWS784 in 2016, Maxine Ollivierre, the mother of the missing youth, pleaded with anyone having information about her son to come forward and let the police know.

As of Saturday 4th February 2017, no such acts have taken place, family and friends are still grieving.

The mother said in July of 2016 when she last spoke with her son; there was no indication to her that he might have been in any trouble with anyone, so his disappearance came as a shock to her.

Ollivierre said that she found out her son was missing on Sunday 7th August 2016. This information she indicated came from family members.

The mother said she tried over the period to call her son’s phone, send text messages and WhatsApp messages, all to no avail.

Ollivierre told News784 that is it really scary that someone can disappear so easily with no one seeing or hearing anything,

 “It is tough – you cannot just disappear from small St Vincent like this, you cannot…I just don’t know,” Ollivierre lamented.

Police on the island in September of 2016 acting on information,  had concentrated their search in the Fenton Mountain area, along with questioning villagers near the area, those searches yielded no results.

Since Kahili disappearance, a missing person’s flyer was posted at all Police Stations across the island, up to press time no breakthrough have been made on finding ( Q )


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